The SV Startups 100


「The SV Startups 100」は、これからアジア展開が期待されるシリコンバレーのスタートアップ100社を紹介するメディアです。


The SV Startups 100 is a media project that introduces the hottest 100 Silicon Valley-startups which are expected to expand their business to the Asian market.

We collaborate with Silicon Valley based venture capitalists, incubators, media outlets, and government as our partners to select the hottest startups that plan to advance to Asia and all over the world from Silicon Valley.

New Articles
  • Silicon Valley Startups 100
    • Matt Kaufman
    • Kenji Kushida
    • Saeed Amidi

      Saeed Amidi

      CEO and Founder, Plug and Play

    • Saeed Amidi

      Duncan Logan

      CEO and Founder, RocketSpace


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