Silicon Valley - New Japan Summit

  • Nov. 5 - 6, 2018
  • Stanford University


Silicon Valley × Japan
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The Silicon Valley - New Japan Summit is an invitation only two-day summit to connect Silicon Valley startups and Japanese companies. We collaborated with The SV Startups 100, a Japanese tech media project featuring 100 Silicon Valley startups, the Stanford Silicon Valley - New Japan Project from the Stanford University Asia-Pacific Research Center and Japan Management Association to hold this summit at Stanford University, the core of the Silicon Valley ecosystem. The summit features a Biz-Dev booth where Silicon Valley startups and Japanese companies can directly talk business, as well as lectures and panel discussions on examples of cooperation with Japanese companies that will both stimulate and inform. This summit will generate collaboration between Silicon Valley startups and Japanese companies.


  • Keynotes & Panel Sessions

    Keynotes & Panel Sessions

    Lectures and panel discussions will be held on the topic of Silicon Valley-style innovation with Japanese companies.

  • Biz-Dev Booths

    Startup Pitch &
    Biz-Dev Booths (11/06 Only)

    100 startups will have their own booths to hold one-on-one discussions regarding investment and Biz-Dev with Japanese attendees.Around 20 startups will be on stage to pitch while Biz-Dev Booth session is occurred.


  • Networking Party

    Networking Party

    We’ve provided an area for networking, with snacks and drinks to be served.


Day1 - 11.5

  • Kenji Kushida

    Stanford University APARC

    Research Scholar

  • Masa Kinoshita

    Masa Kinoshita

    Panasonic Ventures


  • Ryoichi Togashi

    Ryoichi Togashi


    General Manager

  • Noriyuki Matsuda

    Noriyuki Matsuda


    Founder, CEO & President


Day2 - 11.6

  • Cyril Ebrsweiler

    Cyril Ebrsweiler


    General Partner at SOSV & Founder

  • Tom Stepien

    Tom Stepien

    Primus Power


  • Andy Bane

    Andy Bane

    Element Analytics


  • Danny Gur

    Danny Gur

    Karamba Security

    VP of Business Development

  • Mark Chung

    Mark Chung



  • Mark Dembitz

    Mark Dembitz


    Head of APAC Sales & Business Development

  • Raffi Mardirosian

    Raffi Mardirosian


    Vice President, Corporate Development

  • Elli Kaplan

    Elli Kaplan



  • Xinghua Lou

    Xinghua Lou

    Vicarious AI

    Head of Commercialization


Silicon Valley Startups

  • Aquifi

    Aquifi provides automation solutions for repetitive and time sensitive tasks in manufacturing and logistics, using 3D computer vision and AI.

    Funding $20.7 M
  • Voicera

    Voicera create voice-activated AI tools that increase productivity stemming from meetings.

    Funding $20.0 M
    AI / Big Data
  • Primus Power

    Primus Power offers long-duration, fade-free energy storage solutions for the smart grid.

    Funding $92.1 M
  • IndoorAtlas

    IndoorAtlas is the indoor positioning platform for mobile applications.

    Funding $35.8 M
  • Element Analytics

    Element Analytics provides rapidly transforms data for industrial organizations for greater efficiency and sustainability.

    Funding $22.0 M
  • Ridecell

    Ridecell empowers mobility operators, including OEMs, car rental, fleets,etc for maximize the ride/carsharing and autonomous fleet services.

    Funding $45.8 M
  • Parsable

    Parsable is the connected worker platform to digitize, execute and collaborate around standard work.

    Funding $27.9 M
  • QC Ware

    QC Ware is developing quantum-powered applications in collaboration with a wide range of Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.

    Funding $27.9 M
    AI / Big Data
  • Owl

    Owl is a car security camera designed to help with the major events that concern car owners: break-ins, dents and traffic stops.

    Funding $18.0 M
  • Sift Science

    Sift Science is a machine learning company that fuels business growth by protecting businesses and their customers from all vectors of fraud and abuse.

    Funding $106.6 M
  • Percolata Corporation

    Percolata helps retailers optimize their retail sales teams giving retailers up to a 30% sales uplift using the same labor budget.

    Funding $14.7 M
  • Rigetti Computing

    Rigetti Computing is building the world’s most powerful computers to help solve humanity’s most pressing and important problems.

    Funding $69.0 M
    AI / Big Data
  • Demisto

    Demisto provides Security Platform that combines orchestration, incident management and interactive investigation into a seamless experience.

    Funding $26.0 M
  • EverCharge

    EverCharge provides EVSE to multi-family housing such as apartments and condos.

    Funding $3.2 M
  • NEXT Trucking

    NEXT Trucking is a digital marketplace that brings together shippers who have loads and owner/operators and small fleets who can move them.

    Funding $27.3 M
  • Passage AI

    Passage AI's platform provides the AI, NLU/P and deep learning technology to create a conversational interface or chatbot for your business.

    Funding $10.3 M
    AI / Big Data
  • Bestmile

    Bestmile empowers mobility providers to deploy, manage and optimize autonomous and conventional driven vehicle fleets.

    Funding $14.5 M
  • Instrumental

    Instrumental is a manufacturing technology company that helps our customers build smarter and better.

    Funding $10.3 M
  • Fyusion

    Fyusion enables more immersive & engaging imaging for Automotive and E-commerce businesses,

    Funding $38.4 M
    AR / VR
  • Inbenta

    Inbenta is an AI-powered intelligent search platform that makes it easy for the consumers to find the information without contact customer support.

    Funding $28.8 M
    AI / Big Data
  • Node

    Node is the first AI-powered discovery engine that connects people with opportunity at massive scale.

    Funding $23.3 M
    AI / Big Data
  • Karamba Security

    Karamba’s Autonomous Security, award winning software, protects vehicles’ Electronic Control Unit (ECU) from cyberattacks.

    Funding $27 M
  • Atheer

    Atheer provides an Augmented Reality platform for Enterprises looking to transform the productivity, effectiveness, accuracy and safety of their workforces.

    Funding $35.3 M
    AR / VR
  • Lucidworks

    Lucidworks builds AI-powered search and discovery applications for some of the world’s largest brands.

    Funding $109 M
    AI / Big Data
  • ThoughtSpot

    The ThoughtSpot Relational Search platform allows everyone to get direct access to data, even entirely non-technical people.

    Funding $295.7 M
    AI / Big Data
  • Dremio

    Dremio makes data engineering teams more productive, and data consumers more self-sufficient.

    Funding $27 M
    AI / Big Data
  • Anomali

    Anomali Threat Platform to detect threats, understand the adversary, and respond effectively.

    Funding $109 M
  • Avaamo

    Avaamo provides an enterprise AI platform that dramatically simplifies the time needed to design and deploy AI bots in text and voice.

    Funding $23.5 M
    AI / Big Data
  • Verdigris

    Smart buildings are more reliable, more efficient, and more automated. By combining patented sensors and AI, Verdigris learns how buildings operate.

    Funding $21.6 M
  • Rhumbix

    Rhumbix modernizes construction field operations, helping builders go paperless in the field and improving how they measure and manage labor productivity.

    Funding $20.6 M
  • FogHorn Systems

    Leading Fog Computing for Industrial customers to enable real-time advanced data operation and ML

    Funding $47.5 M
  • Spire

    Spire is a space to cloud data analytics company that provides the most advanced maritime, aviation, and weather tracking.

    Funding $140.5 M
  • BeBop Sensors

    BeBop Sensors makes fabric sensors that are flexible, connecting squishy humans with rigid computers.

    Funding $14.4 M
  • Contrast Security

    Contrast Security is the world’s leading provider of security technology that enables software applications to protect themselves against cyberattacks.

    Funding $54.0 M
  • Wonolo

    Wonolo is the leading on-demand staffing platform enabling businesses to fill their immediate labor needs.

    Funding $20.9 M
  • Smartcar

    Smartcar is the connected car API for developers that make it possible for developers to build apps for cars easily, safely and quickly.

    Funding $12 M
  • Ouster

    Ouster provides LIDAR sensors that can be used all sizes in autonomous vehicles, drones, security, mapping, smart cities, mining, robotics, or etc

    Funding $27 M
  • Listia

    Listia is a peer-to-peer marketplace where Users buy and sell using the XNK cryptocurrency

    Funding $26.2 M
  • Imply

    Imply is a high-performance analytics solution to store, query, and visualize operational data focus on creating static reports

    Funding $15.3 M
    AI / Big Data
  • Metawave Corporation

    Building long-range radar with imaging capabilities for autonomous vehicles, radios for Fixed Wireless communication, and 5G relays for telcos.

    Funding $17 M
  • Clearink Displays

    CLEARink is a leader in reflective display technology for eSchoolbooks, wearables, IoT and Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs), outdoor signage and automotive.

    Funding $12 M
  • ELIX Wireless

    ELIX Wireless develops low-frequency, low-EMI wireless power transfer modules for charging EV, AGV, and autonomous eMobility fleets safely and efficiently.

    Funding $5 M
  • Indie Semiconductor

    indie Semiconductor specializes in integrating to create mixed-signal sub-systems, reducing cost and size and increasing reliability and security.

    Funding $32.5 M
  • Cogniac.co

    Cogniac offer an Enterprise class visual AI SW system where we automate visual inspection tasks to human level accuracy and beyond.

  • Zendrive

    Zendrive is a mobile drive analytics platform for insurers, fleets, cities and everyday drivers.

    Funding $20 M
  • Matterport

    3D/VR Hardware + SaaS technology for capturing existing spaces and converting to virtual tours

    Funding $66 M

    PRENAV sells precision-guided drones and hi-resolution 3D data about industrial structures.

    Funding $6.5 M
  • Neurotrack

    Neurotrack Technologies is a digital therapeutics company dedicated to empowering people to prevent memory loss.

    Funding $26.1 M
  • Matternet

    Matternet is the leading developer of advanced technology platform for on-demand aerial delivery.

    Funding $25.5 M
  • Drawbridge

    Drawbridge Identity Graph can be licensed by brands and enterprises for applications in adtech and beyond many applications

    Funding $68.7 M
  • Xage Security

    The Xage Security Suite is the first and only blockchain-protected security platform for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT).

    Funding $12 M
  • Symb.io

    Symbio Robotics is a SaaS company dedicated to strengthening manufacturing systems through the development of AI and Robotics software.

  • Instart

    Increases revenue for enterprises by delivering faster, safer & more compelling digital experiences

    Funding $140 M
    Enterprise Software
  • Modbot

    Modbot aims to provide a complete robot development platform to empower all creators from large manufacturers to individual makers and hobbyists.

    Funding $4 M
  • Open Garden

    Open Garden is building a protocol that enables anyone to share their Internet connection and charge for access using our cryptocurrency.

    Funding $22.8 M
  • Vicarious AI

    Vicarious is developing artificial general intelligence for robots.

    Funding $122 M
    AI / Big Data
  • Branch

    Branch is a universal linking platform that allows companies to track digital marketing campaigns, clicks, and users across all channels and devices.

    Funding $242.1 M
  • Mocana

    Mocana provides mission-critical IoT security solutions for embedded systems and the Internet of Things.

    Funding $80.7 M
  • Dialpad

    Dialpad’s product suite covers the full range of modern business communications needs all powered by VoiceAI.

    Funding $120 M
    Enterprise Software
  • Cumulus Networks

    Cumulus Networks powers data centers ranging from small businesses and universities to enterprises and some of the world’s largest cloud providers.

    Funding $129 M
    Enterprise Software
  • Sentient Energy

    Sentient Energy develops manufacture and sell intelligent sensors and analytics for the electric grid to help deliver power more safely and reliably

    Funding $22.5 M



326 Galvez Street, Stanford CA 94305
Arrillaga Alumni Center, Stanford University